Top 10 Bike Things 2009

aurumania gold bike crystal edition — The world’s most expensive crystal and 24k gold plated bike (EUR 80,000; about $102,418)

>>click HERE for the detail


Cart Bike !! — Just a cart + a bike

>>click HERE for the instruction

Danny Macaskill — a Scottish Trials Bike pro rider for Inspired Bicycles Ltd.

>>click HERE for the videos

the Copenhagen Wheel — a revolutionary new bicycle wheel

>>click HERE for the detail

Ducati Cucciolo 2005 Project — created by Mark Savory and Bill Johnson

>>click HERE for the detail

Handlebar Mounted Cup-Holders — designed by Paul Kweton

>>click Here for the detail

Shocker — created by Team Tentakulus

>>click HERE the pics

The $10,000 Vanilla Trike — custom built by bike maker Sacha White for his daughter

>>click HERE for the pics

JanSport 1989 Bike Swinger($58) — a petite duffel bag

>>click HERE for the product

The Outlier Pivot Sleeve Shirt($120) — made for the cyclist who goes to work by cycle.

>>click HERE for the product

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