The 10 Most Tempting AA Ads!!

bj-hooraythe winner is……..

american-apparel-ad-Vice-Germany-summermeltdown-210605wanna go to every retail stores.

american-apparel-ad-italy-legwarmers-230307layout is so perfect.

four-way-stretch-pantsall the girls should have these pants.

american-apparel-ad-france-tappanties-180907French Bootie !!

american-apparel-ad-amsterdam-polkadot-220307love every dot on her body.

stirrup-sockssock my d#$%.

american-apparel-ad-Vice-Japan-micromesh-100606mesh can’t hide the mountain.

american-apparel-ad-nylon-madeinla-160804please keep telling made in downtown LA.

american-apparel-ad-mexico-highwaist-121007let a stranger drive you home.

see all 50 of the sluttiest American Apparel ads in the company’s history,


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